Michael and Barbara Tummillo 

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About TCAW

Workplace Chaplain

Michael serves the Body of Christ in secular work environments offering Pastoral Counseling, dispute mediation, motivational messages, on-line devotionals.

On-Line Ministry

15 years of online ministry, posting devotionals that have been forwarded, utilized for teaching, re-printed, re-posted and read by millions.

Pulpit Ministry

Michael has ministered to groups at conferences, church meetings, home meetings, businesses, schools and more.

Weddings/Marriages/Relational Pastoral Counseling

Having officiated dozens of weddings over the years, Michael is affiliated with the State of Texas group called twogether in Texas, designed to assist Texas Christian couples in keeping their marriages together. This helps the State economically as well as our Texas children.

Disaster Preparedness

As a Chaplian with the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), Michael has served at disasters including the Moore, Oklahoma F5 tornado and the West, Texas explosion, helping people to piece together their lives after being completely devastated. A "Prepper" himself, he has addressed groups to help them better understand the importance of Disaster Readiness.

House Church Advocate

Michael has been affiliated with the growing House Church Movement for over 12 years and is happy to assist others in learning more about this Book of Acts style of church. We are ALWAYS The Church! It's not someplace you GO, it's who you ARE!

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Lance Wallnau, Prophetic Bible Teacher - “You have a noble and great work my brother!”

Robert Fitts, Speaker/Author - “I am excited with you when I read of the progress of The Church @ Work! Wow! ...God bless you and I bless you!!!!” 

Dr. Tony Dale, House2House Ministries - “The Workplace! It is ‘THE Place’ for so much of what God is currently doing through His people…Michael is helping to spearhead this through his ministry. Get involved and make your place of work an outpost of the Kingdom of God.” 

M. Larioza, Leander, TX - Michael, you've provided some thoughts that I've never thought of until listening to your compelling stories and view points. Thank you for your time and your blessing!

J. Carlson, Austin, TX - I was fortunate to see Michael Tummillo at a conference. This man was a powerful speaker who kept you engaged with humor and resourceful information that was pertinent and relevant to me and my life. His inspirational talk empowered me with joy and my walk through life now has more hope. I give Michael my highest recommendation!

J. Waring, Georgetown, TX - Michael Tummillo presents a message on the Kingdom and our position as believers in the workplace like none other. His passion for God as well as his exhortation and encouragement to the body of Christ is evident as he shares God's heart. Mixed with some occasional humor, Mike keeps you engaged throughout and will challenge your faith to get you motivated. Thanks Mike for having the Father Heart of God!

Pastor G. Delaney, Weimar, TX - Pastors, you need men who will LEAD the charge.  That's exactly what you get with Michael Tummillo...I needed a MASTER SERGEANT to rally the troops to action. Michael powerfully supported my message...with an emphasis on the workplace.  As a "Workplace Chaplain" he lives this message! I could not have found a better man for the moment.    ...under the guidance of the Holy Spirit Michael Tummillo delivers!  The passion, the revelation, the inspiration and the impartation are all there.  If you need a man to cut through the religiosity and drive home the essential truth that we should ALL be about the Father's business, Michael Tummillo is second to none. 

Dean Krosecz, Worship Leader - “I really enjoy the way you empower the body of Christ to be ‘Jesus with skin on’ to the people around them. You are just so natural and comfortable with the fact that God will work through...those you are encouraging to minister to the folks in their everyday lives. You definitely know how to take the pressure off."