Businesses are opening their doors to Workplace Chaplains all over the world! It's  a growing trend and people of all denominational backgrounds are responding to the call. 

Does that include YOU?

It's not just businesses either. Simply put, a Chaplain brings The Church to the people. Love, compassion, a listening ear, a word spoken in due season to one who is weary… can YOU do that?

From Retired Ministers to Rank 'n File Church Members, who's to stop you from responding to the call of the Lord? Men and women, people of all denominations, races and backgrounds are taking part in this move of the Spirit. 

Billy Graham said, "I believe the next great move of God will take place through Believers in the Workplace."

I agree. I've seen it wIth my OWN eyes!

But it's not just the workplaces that need Chaplains. Hospitals, Police and Fire Departments, Jails, Nursing Homes, a growing number of secular businesses and Disaster Relief agencies are responding to the growing spiritual needs within every realm. The workplace just happens to be the place people spend up to 70% of their waking hours. Whether it's as a Volunteer or on a salaried basis, the world is a Mission Field, "white unto harvest." The workplace is where much of the nation's pain and sorrow can be found and, left unattended, leads to an increase in absenteeism, theft, violence, marital infidelity and much more negativity.

So, is God calling you to become a Chaplain?

CHAPLAINCY CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: The Church @ Work offers an on-line certification opportunity. Upon completion, Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion (suitable for framing), a badge with lanyard, and a window placard for parking in "Chaplain" spots at hospitals and prisons, a cap and patches for your garments. 

COST: The cost is only $50, one-time. Be advised, we should NEVER allow finances to keep us from doing what God is calling us to do for the Kingdom. Payment plans are available. 

STEP ONE: Contact Michael Tummillo at the eMail address above and type "CHAP" in your SUBJECT BAR. Include your Contact Name and Telephone Number. I'll be in touch!